Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming | The Spotted Dog Pet Spa - Jacksonville, FL

We know that you do not trust the looks of your pet to just anyone, and we do not expect you to. We would not put our pets in the hands of just anyone, either! Our professional team of pet groomers is both highly trained and qualified to give your pet a haircut that will make him or her look like the most fashionable pet on the block!

When you choose pet grooming services at The Spotted Dog Pet Spa, you can expect to receive the very best treatment for both you and your pet. When you leave your dog or cat with our pet grooming team, you will receive exceptional service. As part of our pet grooming package, we provide:

• Brush Out – It is never advisable to wash a pet before brushing. This can make matting and tangles worse. We will brush out your pet with the appropriate tools before a single drop of water hits the fur.

• Bath – Your pet will be given a luxurious bath with the finest, safest pet shampoos available on today’s market. If your pet has been prescribed a medicated shampoo by your veterinarian, please bring it with you!

• Cream Rinse – After we remove the shampoo from your pet’s coat, we will massage in a superb cream rinse. We do this so that your pet’s skin is healthy with a coat that is as soft as it can be.

• Blow Dry – We do not send pets home wet. Your pet will receive a relaxing blow dry after the bath is complete.

• Toenail Trim – We are happy to clip your pet’s toenails for you. We know that doing this can be stressful for pet guardians!

Any of our pet grooming services can be included or left out! Let us know what you desire for your pet, and we will make it happen. Call The Spotted Dog Pet Spa of Jacksonville, FL now to schedule a pet grooming appointment!