Dog Bathing

Dog Bathing

Dog Bathing | The Spotted Dog Pet Spa - Jacksonville, FL

Dog bathing is not difficult for us, but for some owners, it is almost impossible. At The Spotted Dog Pet Spa of Jacksonville, FL, we have the supplies and skills that it takes to perform dog bathing rituals expertly.

We know that not every pet guardian can bathe their dog. We also know that you may not want to spend money on the supplies that it takes to do the job right. When you choose our team for dog bathing, your dog will end up looking clean and feeling healthy.

Here is why so many of our clients choose us for their dog bathing needs:

• Convenience – We are conveniently located in Jacksonville, FL. When you choose to have us bathe your pet, you do not get a clogged drain or wet floors!

• Difficulty – Some pets are afraid to be bathed. Others are too large to fit in the tub. We are able to handle dogs of any size, and we can even successfully bathe those that are fearful!

• Mobility – It can be difficult for some people to lift their dogs in and out of the tub. Turning the hose on your dog can be easy for you but uncomfortable for your pet. If you have mobility issues, allowing us to bathe your dog just makes good sense!

• Tools – There are some breeds of dogs that need more than a bath! They need to be hand stripped, combed, and clipped. Don’t buy tools that you will only use a few times a year! We have all the tools necessary to bathe your dog, no matter what the requirements are!

When you need a dog bathing service, our team at The Spotted Dog Pet Spa of Jacksonville, FL is ready for you! Talk to us today about what we can do for you and your dog!