Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming | The Spotted Dog Pet Spa - Jacksonville, FL

If you have ever tried to give a cat a bath on your own, you know just how difficult it can be. If you have ever tried to give your cat a haircut, you know that it is darn near impossible to do on your own!

At The Spotted Dog Pet Spa of Jacksonville, FL, we cater to more than dogs; we have a cat grooming service as well! It is true that cats do not need to be bathed or groomed as often as dogs, but they still need a bit of fussing over now and then.

When you choose our professional team for your cat grooming needs, your cat will be:

• Combed – Long hair or short, we have the right tools to comb your cat’s fur out in style. We will comb your cat before we give a bath to remove all mats and tangles.

• Bathed – We will bathe your cat, creating the least stressful experience possible. We use slowly running water and the most soothing shampoos to ensure that your cat feels comfortable and relaxed.

• Clipped – Some guardians prefer to have their medium and longhaired cats clipped once or twice a year. This can reduce shedding, and it can help cats who are too old or overweight to groom themselves properly.

If your cat is indoor-only, we are happy to clip his or her toenails for you. We do not suggest this service if your cat is permitted to go outdoors. We are also happy to apply your cat’s heartworm and flea medication for you; bring it along for this service to be completed!

If you are looking for a cat grooming service, look no further than The Spotted Dog Pet Spa of Jacksonville, FL. Call us today to schedule a convenient appointment!